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Location - Port Antonio

nearby Winnifred Beach and Boston Bay Beach (walking distance from the hostel), Frenchman's Cove beach or Blue Lagoon enjoying its beautiful, special and gaudy colors, visiting the Rio Grande (river on which you can also do rafting) and the famous Reach Falls,  going shopping on the streets of the town and get lost in nightclubs from a dance hall to a reggae party in this which is also the safest area of the island. Departing from Port Antonio is also possible to reach comfortably and quickly the famous Blue Mountains, not far from the main town of the parish of Portland.

Port Antonio is the capital of the parish of Portland on the northeastern coast of Jamaica, about 60 miles (100 km) from Kingston.  it has a population of 14,400 (2005) and it is the island's third largest port, famous as a shipping point for bananas and coconuts. Portland with his capital Port Antonio is also one of the most important tourist attractions of Jamaica, this is because it remained "real and natural Jamaica" so that anyone visiting these areas can enter deeply into the Jamaican spirit, relaxing on the beautiful beach with the typical Caribbean character of the 



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